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7 Scented Candle Flavours For a lovely Smelling home

Want to bring in some cool aroma and good sense at your home? Try to light a scented candle. Hello People, in this blog we are presenting 7 lovely aroma of candles. These 7 scented candles have distinct smell and fragrance, that will appeal to your sense buds.

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1 forest floor scented candle

forest floor scented candle

Fragrance For Nature lovers.

A lot has been said about the positive effects of scented candle. A good aroma can uplift your mood and relieve you from stress. Wick :- Lead Free ,100% Natural Fibres,And Hand Straightened To Ensure It Is Centred For The Best Burn Possible. Wax Type :- Fully Refined Paraffin Wax With Additive. the Burn time pf these candles is 30 to 35 hours. All of the candles are available at the price point of Rs. 150/- only

2 Cinnamon scented candle

Cinnamon scented candle

For a warm and spicy smell.

revitalize your senses after a day’s hard work a with wonderful smelling paraffin wax candles. After a hard day day at work you need some soothing and relaxing feeling at your home. A good perfumed taper will help you rejuvenate you.

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3 Vanilla scented candle

Vanilla scented candle

For a sweety note

It was also help to bring in the romance to your life with its pleasant smell. after all a good scent directly appeal to the sense buds.

4 Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle

Apple Cinnamon Scented Candle

Amazing combo of two contrasting smells

Pillar candles for your home to remove odour and fill it will with refreshing aroma that will help you stay calm and fresh. don’t consider them as luxury products as they are in the reach of common people due to its lowe price.

5 Pomelo Scented Candle

Pomelo Scented Candle

A lime – lemon style lovely citrus fragrance

6 Cucumber Melon Scented Candle

Cucumber Melon Scented Candle

For those who love fruity fragrances

7 Autumn leaves Scented Candle

Autumn leaves Scented Candle

A cool breeze exuding scent

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