Raksha bandhan gift ideas from brothers to sisters

Rakhi Gift Ideas From Brothers To Sisters

Rakhi Gift ideas from brother to sister. Gifts are a great way to express your love for your sibling. In this video we will showcase some gift ideas that a brother can present to her dear sister on the day of Rakshabandhan festival. Move over chocolates, sweets and flowers and try any of these gifting ideas and your sis will be really happy with you. These are items that she can use regularly and not one time use.
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1) Wrist Watch.

1 Rakhi Gift Idea From Brother To Sister - Wrist Watch

Watches are a great gifting option for your sister. There are fancy wrist watches available in wonderful designs that will surely appeal to any girl. Moreover watches comes in many price range, so you can gift one as per your budget. Watches are loved by women of all ages and it can be a great gifting option in this Rakhi festival.

2) Bags.

2 Rakhi Gift Idea From Brother To Sister - Handbags

Is there a girl who does not love bags? Even if there are 10 bags in her closet, an 11th one would be a welcome addition. During this rakhi festival you can present your sister with a beautiful bag. There are many different types of bags like a handbag, tote-bag, clutch bag etcetera. You can gift one as per her personality and taste. Fancy bags also come in all budgets from cheap to expensive.

3) Jewellery.

Next Rakhi gift for sister is jewellery. Girls just love to adorn themselves with jewellery, so what better gifting option than a wonderful jewel? As per her taste you can gift her contemporary jewellery or ethnic jewellery.  From real jewels  to fashion jewels, you can gift anything as per your wish and budget.

4) Electronic item.

4 Rakhi Gift Idea From Brother To Sister - Electronic Items

If you are capable, you can surely gift your sister electronic gadgets such as TV, Fridge, Cell phone etcetera. Most of the electronic items are costly but there are some mid-range gadgets too. Electronic gadgets are a good idea to gift more so if your sister is married. But it all depends on your current financial position.

5) Footwear.

6 Rakhi Gift Idea From Brother To Sister - Perfumes

Next rakhi gift idea from brother to sister is cool footwear. You can present your sister with lovely sandals, heels, wedges or ethnic footwear as per her taste. Many girls are just obsessed with shoes and, if your sister is one such shoe-holic, you can get praises from her by gifting  footwear to her. Shoes will make her happy and will get the title of best brother from your sis.

6) Perfumes.

Next option for gifting from brother to sister during Rakshabandhan is perfumes. Present your sister with an amazing fragrance and she will surely love this unique gift concept. A good quality perfume can be a cool option for fashion conscious girls and also for girls who are college students.

7) Beauty & Make-up Products.

7 Rakhi Gift Idea From Brother To Sister - Beauty & Makeup Products

If your sister is a lover of beauty and make up products, you can make her happy by presenting her with latest beauty and make up items. These are items that she can use for long time and she will always remember you fondly whenever she will wear make-up or use the products.

8) Clothing.

It’s not a secret that girls just love clothes and what better way to gift clothing to your sister than on Rakhi day? You can gift a variety of clothing items to her as per her personal fashion sense. If she is young and fashionable you can gift her western clothing and if she is married you can gift ethnic clothing to her.

9) Home Décor Items.

A slightly off-beat idea for gifting to your sister is cool home décor item. Many girls are obsessed with decorating their rooms or houses. If your sister is one such girl, you have a winning gift idea! Also if she has shifted to new house or planning to shift to new house, gifting a home décor item is a good idea. This is also smart choice if she is married.

So what are your thoughts on these gifting ideas? Mention in the comments section below.

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