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Women around the world are crazy for jewellery. Indian women are no different from other women. In jewellery also there are many options available to Indian women like Earrings, Manga sutra, Sets, Pendants, Necklaces, Rings, bracelets, bangles, toe-rings, anklets, nose pins and rings etc.

Furthermore In ear-rings too there are many different designs. Sometimes while doing earrings shopping online you are not able to find the perfect earring for you because you may not know the exact name of the style of earrings you are looking for. Women love to decorate their ear lobes with their special piece of jewels. Ear-jewels are available in great range and attractive designs.

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Basically there are five major designs of earring for Indian women.

  1. Studs
  2. Hoops
  3. Danglers
  4. Jhumkis
  5. Ear-Cuffs


Is it a stud, dangler, jhumka, Hoop or a Cuff?


  1. STUDS

Stud Style of Earrings
Stud Style of Ear Jewel.


These are usually small ear-rings that resides on the ear lobes. Studs do not hang out of the ear. Women who prefer small designs can choose STUDS to decorate their ears. Studs are usually round or geometric in shape.


hoop style earrings
hoop style ear rings


As mentioned by Wikipedia A Hoop is “a circular band of metal, wood, or similar material..”. It can also be called a ring, band, circle etc. So as it clear from its name HOOP style earring are circular in design. There are also full hoop and half hoop earring. They are Round jewels for ear just like the shape of bangles.


Images of Danglers / Drop earring for women
Images of Danglers / Drops


For women who are looking for earrings that are bigger than studs,  danglers / drops are the style they must go for. Dangler or drop style hangs out from the ear lobes. The danglers are earrings that dangles (hang or swing loosely).



Ladies Jhumka Earrings
Ladies Jhumka Earring

In India Chandeliers are called “Jhumar” so a Jhumki / Jhumka style earring means that has a chandelier or jhumar style design. This type of ear ornaments hangs from the ear and has a rustic and ethnic Indian charm. It can also be called Traditional Indian Earrings.


Danglers Vs. Jhumkis

Jhumkis are a class of danglers but the main thing that separates both of them is the shape of a jhumki. Danglers cab be of any shape but a jhumki has chandelier like or the dome style shape which makes it unique




Women's Ear Cuffs.
Women’s Ear Cuffs.


This type or earrings also don’t hang away from the ear and they cover the ear. These are larger than studs and usually have a leafy or traditional designs.

So there you have it, now we hope that you can easily recognise different styles of earring for Women.

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