what are the must have items for working men

25 things that every professional man should own

Men’s Office Check list. A checklist of items you must surely buy if you are starting your professional life. 25 must have products for the working men. 25 items every professional man must own. Things every working gentlemen must own. 25 Essential Items for Working Men

25 must have items every working men must own

25 must have items every working men must own


checklist of clothing for office going gents
proper clothing for office is a must

Office Sandals / Shoes

formal shoes
Proper office footwear is must have. Rather than buying low quality shoe, try to invest in good leather shoes from brands, as it will last long, look good and feel comfortable to wear.


Have 2 to 3 pair of socks for your work routine.


Khakis or chinos looks cool and feel comfortable. Black, Dark Blue, Brown, Grey, Khaki etc. colour pants matches with most of the shirts.

Simple Shirt

Try to get some high quality shirts. Simple white is a must have with a mix of other basic colours, stripes and checks ones.

Basic Jeans

simple jeans
Basic jeans pants are a one of the must haves. Get some classy jeans for office style. Avoid distressed, torn ones and super skinny ones.

Quality Inner wears

Get some high quality and good fitting undergarments for yourself. You can not work properly if you are not feeling good from inside.


Buying a combo pack or a set of hankies is a good idea. it is also a compulsory product in your office look, checklist.


Get some cool ties for your office wear attire. but do not go overboard. In India many offices do not require their employees to wear tie, so buy it only if its compulsory. Invest in it only after inquiry.


Majority of the indian companies does not have a a suit only dress code. so check your company dress code and buy some classy ones only if it’s mandatory to wear suits.

Fashion Accessories


One sleek and smart looking wallet to hold your essentials. Branded leather one is a safe choice.


Surely smart phones shows time and so does office computers, but nothing can beat the charm of good old watch. If you are too tech savvy, you can also get yourself a real SMART watch.

checkout 51 of the most goodlooking watches for professional man.


A formal leather best can not missed out. it’s a great mix of functionality and style. get a brown and black one. There are also reversible belts available, so you have a 2 in 1 belt.

Looking for some cool belts? Here’s a list of top 10 leather belts for men under rs. 1000


office bag
Get a long lasting durable branded bag. Make sure it has enough space to hold your essentials in it. too big or too small bag is not a good idea.


Mobile Phone

Whether to go for iOS, android or any other operating system is up to you. but get yourself a decent phone.

Travel Charger / Power Bank / Portable Charger

power bank
you do not want to miss an important call just because of low battery. keeping a power bank and travel charger is a wise decision. listen to music, use social media and also remain available each tine with portable battery rechargers.



Headphone / Earphone

want to listen to a call properly in traffic or crowded area? or listen to your favorite music or inspirational podcast. good branded earphone is what you need.



A man who does not keep a pen, does not look like a working men at all. Always carry a pen with you. But make sure you do not have a ink dripping one so as to avoid embarrassment and saving your clothes from ink blots.

Personal Care / Grooming


How you look is very important. You keep a long beard, trim one or clean shave but it must look well maintained. You can not look like you have come to a rave party.

Good Nail Cutter

nail cutter
big nails simply does not look good on professional men. You may like to keep big nails but not having too big nails at office is a good idea. Trim your nails regularly and you will have more employees try to sit with you at lunch rather than running away from you.

Check out this YouTube Video on must have products for professional men


Wearing a light fragrance at office is a good idea. it will keep you fresh. Also no body likes a bad smelling colleague.

Drinking / Eating

Water Bottle

water bottle
keep a thermos style water bottle with you that will keep your water cold for long time.

Here is a list of smart looking vacuum insulated water bottles for working men.

Tiffin Box

lunch box
Buy a lunch box that’s light in weight, water proof and does not spill oil and other liquids from your meal. A temperature maintaining tiffin is a better choice.



A must have to rainy season. Try to purchase a small and easily carryable one that can be easily kept in bag and does not takes too much space.


Keep a lightweight raincoat with you. it’s a must have during monsoons for office going men.

Good Winter jacket

Winter jacket
An elegant jacket or sweater for the colder days. but do not buy a too funky one.
keep a funky one for instagram shoots and vacays. but office is not a place to show off.


A cap is a style accessory as much it is a requirement during the summers. A good looking and sweat soaking one is what you must look for.


Top up your look with stylish glares. Sun glasses are a sure to present your stylish side.







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